Momon Tourinot Stroller Orange has 4 wheels with book closure. It is designed to meet all types of road, also thanks to its ease of maneuver with the unique adjustable handle and eco-leather. The frame capacity is 15 Kg.

The baby’s safety is great in the Momon Tourinot stroller thanks to the bar and 5-point safety belt. The wide and extensible cap has retractable net openers and small looking window.

The reclining back allows gentle naps to your baby during walks. The coating fabric is waterproof and guarantees high UV50 + UV protection.

As standard: cushions, raincoats, raincoats and drinks. In the end you can find more details on the individual elements of the Tourinot Series Stroller.


Tourinot Stroller Orange’s frame is in aluminum. Its capacity ranges from 0 to 15 Kg.

The wheels are made of rubber with ball bearings, for a good cushioning, the front is sprung with suspensions.

Momon Thermos

Momon’s thermos useful to increase your autonomy outside your home and ensure your baby’s meals are right even when out.

Momon Stroller Raincoat

Raincoat and screen for Momon Strollers included with the Smartie strollers and strollers Tourinot Momon. You can protect your baby with the Momon raincoat.

Momon Cup Holder

Included in Momon’s strollers and buggy strollers, the cup holder can be easily secured by both sides of the treadmill leather earmuffs…