Orange Juice

Momon Light Stroller Smartie Orange Juice is elegant in orange and black and light thanks to the aluminum frame.

Momon Light Stroller closes and if it does not need it can be stored inside its bag with a simple movement. The unique handlebar makes it easy to maneuver the stroller.

The comfort is good with side seat padding, small child seat padding, head restraint pillow, adjustable footrest in 3 positions and reclining backrest, ideal for crashing large naps. Also there is extensible capsule, retractable mesh jacket and children watch binder and waterproof coating fabric and treated for UV50 + certified sunlight protection.

The Smartie stroller baby’s safety is garantued thanks to the removable safety bar with a double technical fabric jacket and a 5-padded safety belt with padded sleeves.


The Light Stroller Smartie Orange Juice is aluminum, therefore very light. It can be closed or open with a simple gesture, closed is so compact that it can be stored in the aircraft hood.

The wheels are made of rubber with ball bearings, for a good cushioning, the front is sprung with suspensions.