Cherry Red

Momon Buggy Stroller After 59 Cherry Red with precious impermeable and stain-resistant fabric in cherry red color.

For the sportseat After 59 Cherry Red The seat is facing the road or the mum; We have adjustable gearbox and safety belt. The backrest and the footrest are adjustable in different positions. We have the protection bar and the handle for mom and dad is adjustable in 6 different positions, to meet even the needs of the bigger. Including with the sportseat: the canopy, coverleg and again mosquito net .

In the Momon Stroller After 59 the carseat 0-13 Kg can be used as a car seat or for short walks, can be placed on the mother-to-hand frame. The internal reduction is removable, while the seat belts with isofix system and cushion cover have a soft lining. Supplied complete with adapters.

The Momon 3 in 1 Stroller has an extralarge carrycot with mattress and adjustable pillow, your baby is up to 12 Kg. The canopy is reclining and thanks to the treatments it has undergone the fabric, it protects your baby from sunlight even on sunny days. Included with the kit for the carrycot we have raincover, mosquito net and mummy bag.


After 59 Stroller 3 in 1 Cherry Red Frame allows fast engagement with the various components, the fastening system is simple and intuitive.

The hull carrycot and the frame of the Momon After 59 Cherry Red Stroller in aluminum are extremely lightweight. The skirt is covered in leather, while the frame has a wood effect that makes it a novelty of its kind.

Momon Thermos

Momon’s thermos useful to increase your autonomy outside your home and ensure your baby’s meals are right even when out.

Isofix System Momon Carseat

Isofix system for Momon carseat is a standard international child car seat anchor system. Compared to the ISOFIX seat belts, it is safer, easier and faster, as it provides for the seat attachment directly to the car seat.

Stroller Umbrella Cherry Red

Stroller Umbrella After 59 Coated Cherry Red variants and included in the same Momon After 59 Buggy Stroller of the same color, to protect your baby from sunlight.

Cherry Red

Mommy Bag Cherry Red

The Mommy Bag is included in the Momon Stroller After 59 Cherry Red, soft and generous, allowing you to have everything you need for your baby’s hand.

Cherry Red

Momon Stroller Mosquito Net

The Momon Stroller Mosquito Net, included with the After 59 stroller, protects your kids from mosquitoes during the hot summer days. The Nanan version has coordinated stitching and can be attached to the cap by a convenient zip closure.

Momon Cup Holder

Included in Momon’s strollers and buggy strollers, the cup holder can be easily secured by both sides of the treadmill leather earmuffs…

Momon Cup Holder

Included in Momon’s strollers After 59 and buggy strollers, the cup holder can be easily secured by both sides of the treadmill leather earmuffs…

Hand Muff Cherry Red

The soft hand muff for the Momon After 59 Buggy Stroller variant Cherry Red, to keep your mum warm during winter walks. Momon’s great attention to big and small.

Cherry Red