The quality of the Momon strollers to give added value to this new life experience.

In recent years we have dedicated ourselves to the production of our strollers, always having particular attention to the quality of Momon strollers.

For us the quality of buggy strollers means that we can have a 100% versatile, functional, stylish and complete product, because the arrival of a new life is a big change and needs to be accompanied by a stroller that lets you only worry about your baby and nothing else.

The care in detail, the study of the technology to structure the stroller: this is the Momon quality.

Our textiles are waterproof, stain resistant and have UV50 + certified sun protection, the frames are made of aluminum or carbon fiber, extremely lightweight and handy, our wheels are in the air we can boast SAS and DMS patents, which can be consulted on the Patents page .

Each Stroller and buggy stroller have a series of accessories created with the same care for the strollers themselves and not only, see the Accessories section to see the whole series.